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Proudly introducing our 8 f teams for the 2018-2019 season:

Mini 1 Mini Marvels  (14 athletes)

Youth 2 Incredibles (15 athletes)

Medium Junior 5 Fantastic 4 (28 athletes)

Small Junior 5 Future 5 (11 athletes)

Senior 3 Avengers (15 athletes)

Senior Prep 3.2 Defenders (6 athletes)  Season starts in September and will continue to add over the summer.

Extra Small Senior  5 Guardians (11 athletes)

Open Coed 5 Justice League:  (24 athletes)


Registration/Tryout fee- $145 late registration fee (nonrefundable)  We will continue to add teams until the end of June for full year and until the end of August for Prep.

Tuition fees (include practice(s) and one hour of tumbling ):  full price for first child and half price for 2nd child and 3rd child free.  All monthly fees are due by the first practice of each month!

  • $75 for mini marvels
  • $125 for remaining full season teams
  • Prep $65 (starting in September)

For more information related to our program:  please see our registration packet under the forms section.







Classes:  Click on link on welcome page to preregister.

 Mini Team Tumbling 5:45-6:30




Mini Marvels:  6-7:00 pm

Avengers:  6-7 TT, 7-9 practice


Incredibles 6-8 practice, 8-9 TT

Fantastic 4:  6-7 TT, 7-9 practice




Guardians and Justice League 6-9 pm




Open Gym 6-7:30

$10 per person

Check the calendar for availability. There will be no open gym in September and October on Friday nights.


Open gym 12-1:30 pm. 

Cost is $10 per person.

Check calendar frequently to see if open gyms are offered (dependent on competition schedule)



12:30-3 pm:  Guardians, Justice League

2:30-4:  Future 5

3-5:  Avengers

4-6 Fantastic 4

5-7 Incredibles

6-7:30 Defenders *starting in October