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Proudly introducing our 7 full season teams for the 2017-2018 season:

Mini 1 Mini Marvels

Youth 3 Incredibles

Small Junior 5 Future 5

Senior 3 Avengers

Senior 4 Fantastic 4

Senior Restricted 5 Generation X

Extra Small Senior Coed 5 Guardians


Tryout fee- $30 (nonrefundable)

Registration fee- $100 for all athletes

Tuition fees (include practice(s) and one hour of tumbling ):  full price for first child and half price for each additional child.  All monthly fees are due by the first practice of each month!

  • $65 for mini marvels
  • $100 for remaining full season teams
  • Check back by August for low cost prep team fees and information

For more information related to our program:  please see our registration packet under the forms section.







Registration is by class fee. (8 week session).  Preregistration and Payment is required prior to first session.

 PAE Team Members:  $70 for first one hour class, $60 each additional class, $40 half hour classes

Nonmembers:  $85 first one hour class, $75 each additional class, $55 half hour classes


5-6 pm Tiny Tot,

5:15-6:00 pm Parkour Ninja

5-5:30 pm Jump Class         5:30-6 pm Flyer Flexibility

6-7 pm  Level 1 Tumbling, Level 4 tumbling                                          6-7 pm Tiny Half Year Practice (Tiny Terrors) starting October 30

 7-8 pm  Bounding class, Level 2 tumbling

8-9 pm  Level 3 tumbling, Level 5 tumbling

 Click on the link below to get info and register today:

 September-October Class Information and Registration




Generation X  6-7 pm Team Tumbling:  7-9 pm practice

Incredibles 6-8 pm Team Tumbling, Practice 8-9 pm

 Drop in class 7-8 pm.  $10 per person.


Future 5:  6-9 pm

Guardians:  6-9 pm

Mini Marvels:  6-7:30 pm

 Drop In Class:  8-9 pm




Fantastic 4:  6-8 team practice ; 8-9 pm team tumbling

Avengers:  6-7 pm team tumbling:  7-9 pm practice




Open gym 12-2 pm. 

Cost is $10 per person.

Check calendar frequently to see if open gyms are offered (dependent on competition schedule)


1-3 pm:  Guardians, Fantastic 4

3-4 pm:  Mini Marvel Team tumbling

3-5 pm:  Future 5, Incredibles

5-7 pm:  Generation X, Avengers

7-8:30 pm Half Year practices starting October 29 (Youth Thunderbolts, Senior Defenders)

 Drop in classes 4-5 pm, 5-6 pm $10 per person, per class

 Please check calendar to see if practice schedule changes due to competitions.